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Address Plaque Custom Continuous Design Bear and Cub

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Address Plaque Custom Tiles framed in Redwood
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Address Plaque Custom Continuous Design Bear and Cub

Pictured is one of our custom 3 tile address plaques caulked into a Redwood frame.YOU get to CHOOSE THE FIRST DECORATIVE TILE from my 150 different tile designs. I then match the background colors to your first decorative tile. Next I draw and paint the custom numbers you have chosen which are then fired in my kiln to 1800o F. On this sample address tile plaque I have continued the bear and mountain design onto the following two tiles. I refer to this as a "continuous design". Finally the 3 tiles are caulked into a redwood frame with a waterproof flexible caulking

. The redwood frame has a sealed masonite backing and hooks are included on the back for hanging. I can also do names instead of numbers but I do in cursive handwriting not in stencil form so that the names are able to fit within the 2 tile space allotment. So therefore any names lettering will be substantially smaller in size but look very pretty. If name is short enough I can still use the larger sized stencil printing.

The tiles are each 6"x6" so that the Overall dimensions of the Address Plaque framed in Redwood is 8 3/4"X 20 3/4" X 1 1/2" It can be used outdoors in most climates. We live in a Winter snow area and the local address tiles here have survived nicely. Redwood will age gracefully with time.We put a light oil finish on it. Contact me directly for more information on them elany@pacificbluetile.com

We have been making these for over 30 years and sell them from Arizona to the Alaskan Aleutians and Hawaii Islands...