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Polar Bear - Hand Painted Art Tile

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Actually I must give credit to my son, Jeremy for this polar bear’s design. He drew this bear in class during high school as a proto-type for one he would be eventually carving out of soap stone. It was such a playful yet elegant design that I “borrowed” it from him. After all this is a family business and we all chip in! Due to climatic changes in the ice patterns up North the polar bear is currently listed as a threatened species.
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Polar Bear - Hand Painted Art Tile

These ceramic tiles are all our own original art designs which our family has been creating for over 30 years. Each art tile is individually hand painted then "fired" in our kiln to 1800 degrees until the vivid, jewel-like colors emerge for you to enjoy as a painting, or as a useful hot plate. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail with added color nuances that make each tile special.

Our art tiles come in a variety of designs encompassing nature motifs, fish art designs, wildlife ( including many endangered species) and our new Dog Designs among others. The pretty label on the back of each 6"X6" tile conveys the message that these tile designs are hand painted and made in usa. They are truly a "labor of love" for us and we are proud of what we sell.

Our American made, hand crafted original art tiles make great gift ideas because they are a practical gift as well as a beautiful one. They can be used daily as a kitchen tile trivet or as an original art painting to enhance your wall decor.or several of them can be combined together to form a tile mosaic for use as a back splash. They also make a wonderful Wedding gift or birthday present as there is a special design that will fit every occasion. Bottom line they are a wonderful original handmade gift that we have enjoyed making and you will be proud to give.